Great fishing continues here at Ole’s Hakai Pass. Last night we had the great pleasure of handing out not one or two but three Tyee Pins ! And one of them was the Golden one for Tyee over 50. Seen here are Kirk Erb, Chris Hougie and Ivan Soloway showing off their pins and sporting grins. Catching a Chinook in Hakai pass is a thrilling experience that is hard to put into words, just ask anyone who has had the pleasure. And when the scale tips at over 30, entry into Ole’s Tyee Club is our way of sharing that excitement and having a lasting recognition of the accomplishment! Doubly sweet for Chris Hougie is that he caught his Tyee at Foster Rocks with son Ethan, and the last time he was fishing with his father Cecil they caught a Tyee in the same spot!

Congratulations to Kirk on his 33.5, Chris on his 46 and Ivan on the season record of 58, you guys rock!