The tremendous fishing this summer has been a great opportunity for our guests to have the quality problem of getting close to limits early in their Trip. Most guests will keep a slot or two open for that elusive King and guests are always keen to get some inside scoop on some of the tricks and tips as to the difference in approach when targeting Chinook. Today was a good opportunity to provide a special on-the-water tutorial on how to fish the honey holes at S. Barney, Barney and Black Rock. This morning our guests were invited to participate with Joel and get an opportunity for some feedback on trolling speed, position, depth and location in real time and conditions. A number of boats followed and took part in the mornings lessons. It was not long before we saw some results with 3 Chinook landing on the dock before lunch ! We look forward to sharing the experience with more of our guests who craving the challenge of the mighty Chinook.