First time guest Jason Mc Brien was fishing with Mike Onischuk at the Racetrack when all hell breaks loose with screaming reels and tangled lines, after getting sorted out Mike takes off after an awesome Chinook bent on spooling the reel, again and again.

Finally worn down after 40 minutes of battle the Chinook succumbs and lands Jason on the Leader board with 43 lbs. and entry into the Ole’s Tyee Club.

The glow and adrenalin were still apparent when Doug Bosko pulls up to the dock with a monster 50 ! He had just returned from Bayly Point where a special secret spot had called him, and it paid off. This fight would last almost an hour and the pressure must have been huge on wife Mary Bosko who had to manage the net. No problem for Mary. Doug and Mary have been fishing together at Ole’s for 10 years so they have a system and it works !

Congratulations to both Jason and Doug and welcome to the Tyee club both.