New Season record 54.5 !What a fish, what a fish story. Darold was fishing with his wife Linda who are both members of Ole’s Tyee club at Bayley Point on Day two of their trip doing pretty well on the Coho. While fishing that morning one of their salmon reels had become tangled. They had decieded to give the Racetrack a try before lunch and wanted to put a 3rd rod out but only had Hali gear on board, so adapting, improvising, Darold ties on a salmon leader and drops a cut plug in the prop was about 6′ from the boat with only 4 oz. it was rolling behind the boat right where he could see it.

Much to his surprise a huge Chinook saw it too and nailed it and started screaming off line. Linda chases the fish down and with Darold on the Hali rod the huge Chinook was no match, weighing in at 54.5, it qualifies Darold for a Gold Tyee pin reserved for Chinook over 50. Congratulations to Darold and Linda on the net!