Some folks just have a knack for attracting Chinook, seem to be in the right place at the right time and with come up with Tyee without really trying. Emily Cheatham is one of those lucky people. Check out the nice 31.5 Spring caught on the Racetrack, a last quick drop before dinner, after an afternoon at Bayley. Classic slow tug at first…. but it looks like she is tangled with her dads line, after a bit of untangling they notice Emily’s line is moving away and then they realize what they have a fish and a fight on. Eventually with the fish in the net, sighs of relief all around. Once at the dock, it weighs in at 31.5. Another Tyee for Emily, she got one last year on the same trip. Her stategy is simple, “don’t try to hard” she is one of the most laid back and easy going anglers around, staying cool and calm and letting the fish come to her. Nice going Emily, a lesson for all of us perhaps, kick back and relax.