Day one, within hours of arriving at Ole’s, Ernesto was heading back into the dock. After a quick trip out to Bayley and picking up a couple of Coho with Alex they head back to the racetrack and pick up another Coho. But ….. what was on Ernesto’s mind was Chinook, he has caught many in his 6 years here at Ole’s but a “Tyee” had eluded him, now he felt ready! With all the boats at Bayley, he had his favourite spot on the racetrack all to himself and it paid off. Within minutes of dropping his line in the water he had the fight he was waiting for, the power of a Chinook peeling off line, going deep, sulking and testing the gear and the man. Ernesto was game for the fight and with Alex on the net they boated the beauty. Racing in to the scale to see if it met the 30 lb threshold, you can tell by the expressions on their faces anticipation and then exilleration as…YES it made it at 34. Welcome to the Tyee Club Ernesto, you have earned it !