Where time goes no one knows but the memories stay! We share a celebration of a decade of fishing and friendship with Norman, Claus, Raul and Eric on their induction into Ole’s Decade club. This group from the Dominican Republic has been coming since 2003 and the pics of their first trip shows how little and how much has changed. The lodge has changed colour and had some modifications and some of the people have also changed, but the enthusiasm and passion for Hakai Pass is so very evident.

Our first 4 of the group of 24 are receiving the traditional handshaken martini’s in recognigiton of 10 years of fishing and friendship and their trip is complements of Ole’s as a thank you for the years of memories shared. Over the years our bonds of friendship have grown and good times shared continue as the generations of father and sons, friends and family evolve. So many stories, fishing and fantastic, from whales to wolves to eagles every year still something new, always changing always amazing. Thank you for being a part of our history, we look forward to every new season with you as the future unfolds.