New season record Coho for Edgar “Eggy” Pichardo. Coho Fishing has been so great at Bayley, guests have the quality problem of choosing which ones to keep. On August 18th Edgar Sr. “Eggy” and Edgar Jr. headed off to fish the morning tide. Lady luck had her eyes on Eggy that day, not only did Eggy have great Coho action but hooked one so big it could have been mistaken for a Chinook by the ferocity of the fight. Weighing in at 18 lbs it topped the charts for Coho this season.

The day just continued to get better for Eggy as he took his turn at the Hole in One (fundraiser for the local hatchery) golf challenge. You guessed it, he nailed it ! So, I said “time to go out and buy a lottery ticket” and Eggy replied “no need, I’ve already won, I’m here at Ole’s !”

Another awesome day of fishing and friendship in Hakai Pass!