A Bayley TYEE for Sam Conde! What once was a rare occurrence of catching a chinook at Bayley has become common place this season. We have seen not just awesome Coho fishing, but also more Chinook coming from Bayley than anywhere else this season. Spending the day at Bayley with his fishing partner and son Samuel, Sam Conde was enjoying the morning, catching and releasing Coho. Being in the enviable position of having a couple of days to fill out his last 2 spots for his limit, they were being selective.

When along comes the surprise, a hit and run Chinook! Sam knew what he had on by the classic fight, down and away, and down and away again. The rule of thumb held true of a minute per pound fight for these great chinook, so after about half an hour Sam knew he had a potential Tyee. The fight left Sam and the Chinook exhausted, but the pressure was off. Son Samuel, the net man, was able to calmly bring it aboard because the Chinook lay waiting for the net, all the fight gone, spent in the tremendous runs that test and thrill the fisher. Congratulations to Sam and welcome to Ole’s Tyee club, you are in good company.