Brothers Myrosha and Sascha are back in Hakai Pass once again, killing it at Bayley and cruising the Racetrack just like the good old days. Having grown up working on the docks at Ole’s, it is a special trip this year to visit Dad and celebrate his 20th season together. The stories of season past unfold at the dinner table after an incredible day on the water. Nothing ever seems to get old in Hakai with every trip providing more stories and the unexpected. Just yesterday while bottom bouncing for Halibut at 300 feet with a leadhead jig and salmon belly for bait, a 13 lb. coho is caught ! And so another day begins with a nice solo Coho for Sascha logged on the board last night and just few more fish to catch today before BBQ night. Such a terrific problem faced by so many guests this year is which fish to keep to fill out that last slot of the limit. Best of times in Hakai Pass bringing the family together, thanks boys.