Every day begins with the tough decision, where to fish. With good fishing along the racetrack and some nice big Chinook coming in it is tempting. Then of course there is the unparalleled Coho fishing at Bayley. Not to mention the occasional Spring. So some choose to stay on the racetrack and are handsomely rewarded one day. The rest of the group heads to Bayley for an awesome morning bite. The next day the fish have moved and it is like starting all over. First rule of fishing….never leave fish to find fish, the second rule is you can’t chase yesterday’s fish. Every day is a new one here in the Pass and every day brings more fish and fish stories. The fishing continues to impress this season with our last group coming in tomorrow it looks like our 2015 season is going to go out with the same stellar fishing we started off with! And! an impressive 24 Chinook for this group!