As we welcome the first of our group of Swedish and Canadian friends, Stig, Lars and Mike into the Decade Club, we reflect on the time together. Time seems to stand still here in Hakai, so when you step off the plane on the arrival day it feels like no time has passed and it is the next day from last year when you left.

The feeling of being at home, a quality that is difficult to put into words. Often times guests will explain that when they get back from a trip and someone asks them what it was like they just can’t explain it and ultimately they just say… well you just have to experience it, it’s not possible to put it into words. And so our Decade Club expands again with 3 more members who have come for the people and place more than the fishing.

Hakai memories, friendship and being a part of each ones history, a part of every story, is what it is all about. Welcome friends Stig, Lars and Mike.