So many opportunities are available for seasonal work but getting your resumes in early for the positions you really want is important.

When you are young with few commitments you have the opportunity to stretch your wings, challenge the limits of your comfort zone and try something a little out of the ordinary. But…. be prepared for the realities that come with the opportunities you are open to trying!

Some come with set schedules and deadlines, others challenge you to be able to work well with a team and still others require you to work effectively by yourself and be responsible to complete your work or task without supervision.

One summer job opportunity is working at a fishing lodge! Sounds romantic doesn’t it, working and living in a remote location, having the chance to enjoy the out of doors, go fishing and meet people from all over the world? It is! But you need to be prepared for the realities that come with it!

Along with all the beauty working in such a location offers there are also many restrictions…. First, there are no stores to run to if you’ve forgotten something, you will have to be prepared to live without it; Cell phones likely won’t work but most lodges do have satellite wifi for email and skype; There will likely be no television, but there will likely be a dvd player; You will be living and working in close quarters with a number of other staff and you must be prepared to work as a team; You must be prepared to be there for the duration of your work time; You need to be prepared for a full work day, it takes a lot of background coordination to keep things running smoothly; if you want to take full advantage of your off time you will need to get safe boating certification so you can enjoy going out in a boat on your off time.

You are likely committing 2 – 4 months of time so make sure you know the time commitment the lodge is expecting from you and be prepared to fulfil this commitment before accepting a position. The rewards are great for those rising to the challenge. Camaraderie of fellow lodge crew, who often form friendships that last a lifetime, usually room and board are included as part of your wage package, and the bonus of gratuities and a huge array of outdoor activities are just a few of the benefits to enjoy.

Anticipation is the key to successfully working in a remote location! Everything likely comes in on an airplane so if it is needed on tomorrow’s plane you will have had to put your order in a week ago because it has to be sourced, ordered, delivered to the plane and loaded along with all the other items the lodge has ordered.

All fishing lodges have high expectations of their crew because their success depends on their people, the ready smiles and the warm welcome to both new and returning guests. Just think about it… when you go somewhere is it the place you remember most or the feeling the experience left you with and the people you dealt with that stays with you long after you have left. Are you the right fit?