A magical first morning light fish at Barney for Chris Strachan and Mark Heydorff. Chris and Mark are here together paying tribute to Chris’s Father who passed away earlier this year. Chris and his Dad were here in 2010 fishing together and on their trip they went out the last morning, first light at Barney Point and were rewarded with a Tyee. It is a cherished memory. While here this year Chris and Mark ,who was here with the group in 2010, went to Barney Point to pay tribute to Chris’s Dad. Alone on this morning with the first light just breaking they shared a ceremony of remembrance and settled in to fish, dropping the lines. Within 30 seconds, Chris is hooked into this beautiful Chinook, a powerful fight ensued for over 20 minutes, but everything went right. Bringing the 34 pound Chinook in the boat, another celebration. Congratulations to Chris, welcome to the Tyee Club and thanks for sharing this story with us.