Great news !  We have a Chef extraordinaire for 2017,  Lila Ruzicka returns to Hakai Pass.  Easily one of our best Chef’s at Ole’s, it is really exciting to have her back on board.  Seen here with the 07 Crew (with a very young looking Joel in the back)

Many of our return guests will remember Lila from our 2007 season when we were treated to her many culinary delights.  We will be thrilled to introduce Lila to our new guests as well.

Not only a fantastic Chef in every way, Lila is also a pleasure to work with.   Easy going, talented, creative and passionate about Hakai Pass, it is our great pleasure to welcome Lila back to the Ole’s Crew for the 2017 season.  We look forward to the upcoming season with renewed enthusiasm and anticipation.