Congrats to both Todd & Leon Greene who brought in Tyees the same morning fishing at the Gap.  After a morning hali fish with Joel Todd and Leo headed out to the Gap to do a little salmon fishing.  

It had only been the evening before when Leo was reminiscing at the dinner table saying  he had never caught a tyee in his 40 years of fishing for Salmon.  People in his boat had caught them, and he had come close countless time with Chinook in the high 20’s, but never a tyee!  Todd’s was 34lbs I believe & Leo’s was 32lbs. They came out Hali fishing with me & the group then went in to the Gap after catching there halibut. 

So when Todd and Leo came in for lunch the next day we all were so happy that he had finally got his tyee!  And on the same fishing trip Todd also landed a beautiful Tyee!  Congrats to Leo on a beauty at 32 lbs and Todd a beauty at 34 lbs!  May you both land many more and let the fish stories continue!