Thanks for an awesome summer everyone…We were sad when Ernie announced that this his 22nd year would be his last, it was time to hang up his hat. He will be missed and we wish Ernie every good thing in retirement.

We had the pleasure of welcoming Joe Broussard and Carl Lind to the Double Decade club with each with 20 years of fishing and friendship at Ole’s and Domingo Viyella, Leo Greene, Bob and Rose Nafziger, Pat Peck, Gary Erb, Mark Heydorff, Martin Belsher, Stuart Wright, Doug Kline, Felipe A Vicini, Dave Rycroft and Stephan Wahlstrom into the decade club with 10 years of Fishing and Friendship at Ole’s. Tight lines and cheers to you.

The 2018 Season Record holders – the biggest Chinook this year goes to Marc Dalet whose smile could not have been brighter with a beauty of a 31.5 pounder; Dan Johnson tops the scales with a gorgeous 18 LB Coho; Jen Greene brought in a perfect 7 lb Pink; Greg Anderson gets the kudos with a 40 lb Halibut; and Dillon Longmire brought in a lotta Ling Cod topping the scales at 43.5 LBS. Fishing was up and down this season, but when it was good it was really good… So many great stories around the dinner table….

Each year something odd comes out of the sea… This year Cam was about to clean and filet a nice ling cod when he realized it had something in its mouth…. He squeezed and out popped a good sized box crab that was to be this guy’s dinner… but… he still took the fishermen’s bait!
We got the say both Happy Birthday and Happy Retirement to Connie Eliasen who enjoyed her official retirement and Birthday on board… Congrats Connie… and watched 3 generations of the Do family as Dad Chris and Grandad Huong introduced Otto to fishing for the first time… Guess who is now hooked on fishing and sharing time together doing something they love!

Last year Keith and Sari Olsen took over from Irvin and Jo-ann Olsen, Keith’s Parents, as owners and operators of Ole’s and it is their intention to carry on the traditions that have developed over the years and even add to them. What you have come to expect from Ole’s you can continue to count on and we have heard the comments you have shared and you will even see some things improved.

For those of you who met Patrick during the last two weeks of the season we also say goodbye to Patrick who did not get his sea legs so his first year will alas be his last and we wish him well in his future endeavours.
We are looking forward to another year of fishing and friendship at Ole’s and many more to come….

Keith, Sari and Joan