At Ole’s “Getting Tanked” has a whole different meaning!  Last spring we worked on the outsides and Keel cooling along with  the power generators….

This fall it is all about the guts of the barge…. Out with the old wood supports for the inner workings of the water water system and tanks and in with brand new high density plastic grate supports for the water and wastewater tanks… Seen here is the new grating that allows good circulation and a stable rot proof base….   and the water tanks after they have been  swing into place were thoroughly cleaned and ready to be anchored down then filled with fresh potable water!…  A challenge indeed with Sari going in through the opening at the top to look after the inside cleaning task.

The new grating before installation…  shown above

The grating in place for the first tank and the second tank being moved into place in preparation for the cleaning and re-installation… shown below