The Man with the Hat is now the man with the cap, and a sailboat too! Some of you may have heard that Ernie purchased a sailboat this past winter. Keith and I have been having coffee dates with Ernie when we get the chance but our last get together was on his sail boat, he has it tied up in beautiful Comox Harbour.  He has been working on it doing touch ups and fixing stuff and all the things boat owners do, and taking sailing lessons too.

Ernie will not see us in Hakai this summer but he says he will try to come some time next season (in 2020) with the “Hooligan”. For now he is going to practice sailing, he took a course with Myrosha and one with Tammy, and enjoy life. Later this month he and Sascha will go fly fishing in Montana, if you are coming to Ole’s Fishing Lodge this summer you will be able to ask Sascha how the fishing was.

OK back to the sail boat, it is a beautiful boat, and has a shower and sleeping quarters.  Keith and I really enjoyed our visit and Ernie, always the perfect host, was happy to give us a tour. He has also been generous with advice about the Fishing Lodge and I’m sure we’ll be bending his ear right up until July 4, which is our scheduled departure date. He says he’ll be waving from the short when the tug pulls us away. So for now enjoy the pictures of Ernie and the Hooligan, we wish you happy sailing Ernie and a well deserved summer going where ever the wind takes you.