No one in West Coast fishing circles did not know Steven Price. Even if they had never met him in person they knew his name and knew of his love of fishing. This love brought him and his sons out to many different lodges on BC’s west coast. In a tragic turn of events on a day of anticipation for arrival day for his fishing trip with son Doug , Steven Price was killed when the plane he was on went down just a few short miles from their destination of Ole’s Hakai Pass Fishing Lodge. Steve was one of 4 killed including the pilot.


For 26 years Steven had been coming to Ole’s yearly along with his son Doug and earlier his other son Dan also shared their trips and was about to join them along with Steve’s granddaughter on the next trip that Steve and Doug would stay over on. It would have been the first time in over 10 years that Dan would have joined them and the very first visit for his grand daughter.

Over the years the guests that fish Ole’s trips form a fishing family returning on the same trips each year to catch up, fish and share, and share Steve did, fishing tips, lures with other fishers that never failed for Steve and fishing stories from the various trips out fishing at other places and at home on his own boat. Steve shared statistics and links so we could enjoy the tournaments vicariously and there was always a Price name on the top catches list!

Never without a smile Steven had kind words for all and loved life. Over the many years and trips Steve fished with many of Ole’s guests but none were so close as the groups he fished with every year.

We have created an album of all the photos we have from 2002 through 2018 and it will remain a memorial album in Memory of Steve Price. We invite anyone who has a photo they wish to share to send it to us and we will add it to the album.


Steven we and many many others will miss you and your fish stories… July 26 / 2019 RIP