The Decade Club

Celebrating 10 Years of Fishing & Friendship

The History of Ole’s Hakai Pass Decade Club

Ole’s Decade Club had quite a spontaneous and humble beginning. In the year 2000, when Ernie had been with Ole’s just five years, having taken over daily operations from Owners,  Irv and JoAnn Olsen in 1996, after they had been running the lodge since its inception in 1984.

When Ernie came on board the first thing that struck him was how Irv and JoAnn had developed such a close relationship with all of their guests that they had become friends, like family. They loved looking after people and did so with generous hearts. Ernie knew he had big shoes to fill.  Ernie had joined Ole’s team in 1996, and in his first 5 years became acquainted with Ole’s many repeat guests, and over time they embraced him as their host. In July of 2000, Ernie became aware that there were 2 couples; Phil and Viv Cromarti, and Ken and Ann Jones, who had been coming to Ole’s for many years and it turned out they had come for 10 years.

This was so special and unique Ole’s wanted to honor their friendship and the bond they had with Ole’s in a momentous way. After having considered many options, the one idea that struck Ernie as appropriate as a “Thank You” was to give them their next year free, on Ole’s! When Ernie presented them with the news on BBQ night, the last day of their trip, there were tears and more than a few choked up people. It was believed at the time this would be a one-time event. Little did we know that once news got out among the other guests, Ernie discovered that there were others who also were approaching their 10th year. It seemed appropriate to also honor those guests who had been with us for over a decade with recognition and a trip to commemorate the years of friendship that had developed. We could not have known how this Decade Club would grow. We have had the privilege of welcoming well over 100 members to date, and are now filling our second Decade plaque with names!  In 2018 Keith and Sari Olsen, son and daughter in law of Irvin and JoAnn took ownership of the lodge and took over hosting guests as Ernie retired.  Sari and Keith plan to continue the legacy and the decade club for many years to come, now not only welcoming guests to the decade club, but welcoming many of our friends as double decade ( 20 year members ) members.   It gives us great pleasure to be able to present the gift of a trip to recognize the relationships that have been built over years of fishing, memories of great times together and a shared appreciation of the beauty of Hakai Pass and all that it has to offer.

With thanks and appreciation for the Decades of camaraderie and friendship

And thanks to Ernie for having the insight and foresight to suggest and implement our very popular Decade Club!

Sari and Keith Olsen
Hosts and Managers