Biggest fish in Hakai Pass was caught at Ole’s near Barney Point on August 4th afternoon! Not wasting any time in getting on the fishing grounds, Todd Greene and Ivan Soloway headed for Barney Point shortly after touch down at our dock. Before the rest of the boats made it out, they were into the fight of the season. With Todd Greene on the tiller, Ivan was in good hands. Trolling about 30 feet off the shore under the Eagles nest with a classic combination of 8 oz. of weight and 20 pulls, the tap tap, tug tug, turned into down and sulk, back up and suddenly, you guessed it zzzzzzzinng down down down and away. Taking them out into the middle of Hakai Pass the boat was alone in its fight as others looked on in awe and envy as they tired this 58 lb Tyee and finally elatedly got it in the boat. Clocking in at 1 hour and 20 minutes, the fight exceeded by a comfortable margin the rule of thumb for big Chinook which is” a minute per pound fight”. This beauty will be mounted anl be on display at Ole’s Hakai Pass for all to see. Congrats to Ivan and Todd!