Check these beauties out! Limits of good sized Lingcod for Joel and Tanya!

Fishing for Lings takes some skill to keep your gear from getting snagged on the rocky pinnacles that they frequent. Joel has had lots of practice and has learned the hard way how not to lose those expensive jigs. He is an accomplished Lingcod fisherman in his own right. While fishing with Tanya this morning for lings, the good old jigs were working their magic but something unusual happened, well actually not unusual. It is well known that if you want to get some good sized Lings, catch a little rockfish and send him down on a hook and you will find suddenly after a few nervous jerks your line is suddenly gets real heavy. Joel had heard of this method and was introduced to it today with spectacular results as you can see. Tanya got a first hand lesson in how to fish with the King of the Lings.