Crazy things happen on the fishing grounds. We have seen everything from two guys hooked into the same Halibut and bringing it up under the boat, one on each side tugging away ! And there is the story of the one Halibut hooked not by a hook, but by a swivel still attached to a hook from a previous angler. To add to the stories there is this one with Kyla Anaka from our dock doing a little morning hali fishing. Kyla hooks into something big and shortly after the fish is on and then gone. Meanwhile I was on the other side of the boat jigging for Lingcod, when I get a mighty tug, I hand the rod to Kyla and take over reeling her line back up. Kyla struggles with a big fish and eventually we get a look at it, harpoon it and slide aboard a nice halibut. As I look down I see that the fish has a circle hook/bait in its mouth and is hooked by my jig in the chin. Yep it took Kyla’s bait and immediately headed for my jig. Nice catch and another fish story, are they true…. Well only the anglers know for sure.