Edgar “Eggie” Pichardo joined his friends group this year for the first time and was keen to learn everything about fishing salmon in Hakai Pass.

The group put together a daily derby for the largest salmon each day with anyone wanting in to put up 20$ and sign on. Eggie had planned to sign up in the morning but had overlooked the paperwork and came in with a nice Coho by lunch and would have been “in the money”, but it was not too late! Undeterred he put in his $20 and agreed his huge Coho would not count. Well…. You guessed it, after lunch and now in the Derby, not only did he beat his own Coho with a nice Chinook from the Racetrack but he beat everyone else too and took the prize money. Beginners luck? You bet, it’s the best kind! Congratulations Eggie, welcome to the fishermans club.