When fishing, sometimes you catch the unexpected! Everything from a Six Gill Shark to a sun fish, to a Wolf Eel has come up on our lines or in our traps. Well, I thought I had heard of everything until tonight. While reminiscing with the crew over the season past, it turns out that there is something new to add to the repertoire. While fishing at the Gap earlier this season, our own Sascha Porteous was trolling for Salmon at 16 pulls, 6 oz. and got a tug on the line. After some unusual pulls and action, what came aboard but a Box Crab ! Of all things, wow this was really cool. Check out the pic, you can see the cut-plug still on the first hook, which the crab was apparently after. The ambitious and curious little fellow was released unharmed after his photo op. What a beautiful creature to have encountered. You just never know what you will come across in Hakai Pass!